Below are some of the companies and professionals Adia relies on regularly for the services we don't provide ourselves. It's not a small thing to find talented and trustworthy professionals in this industry. These are the people and companies we rely on ourselves and recommend to our friends and clients.

Part of Adia's success in creating sustainable buildings is learning how to build less by making small spaces feel special. We do this through a variety of architectural techniques, and by incorporating special elements into spaces. We believe it's important that people feel proud of the spaces they live and work in—no matter how small—and like to add custom finishes and artistic touches to give pride and personality to space.

For making spaces spectacular, we recommend Mosaic Tile Supply, Organic Textiles by Eleonora Briguglia, and Spacemaking Murals by Mary Coronis.

We also feature several recommendations for other design and building-related services.


Creative Tile Designs - Mosaic Tile Supplies

If you want to make a space spectacular and set it apart from the status quo, Mosaic Tile Supplies is a great place to start.

Mosaic Tile Supplies™ is the dotcom by design resource for glass tile, subway tile, glass mosaic tile, porcelain mosaic, stainless steel mosaic tiles & polished pebble mosaic, as well as custom mosaic tile patterns, mosaic murals and mosaic tile borders.

We've toured their warehouse and watched their work over the years, and you would not believe what's possible with tile—or how many creative types of tile exist. Their tiles have been featured in projects in major magazines like Better Homes & Gardens Remodel, Southern Living, Old House Interiors—and even made the cover of Architectural Digest (December 2007 Issue).

We recommend Mosaic Tile Supplies without reservation. They are based in Texas, but ship their products across the U.S.

To view samples of projects built with their tiles, click here.

For more information, check out their website at

Organic Textile Designs by Eleonora Briguglia

Eleonora Briguglia ("Ellie") is the artist who designed all of the colorful banners at the top of the screen on our website. She is a passionate Italian textile designer and eco-activist who lives in Sicily and spends her time managing her family's organic farm (Kibò Farm) and creating art. Surprisingly humble for a graduate of London's Central Saint Martin’s (one of the world's leading design institutions), Ellie spent years as a textile designer in London, Paris, and India.

Eleonora combines her love of nature and passion for design in her creative textiles. Her textiles can be used for many applications: wall paper, linens, curtains, clothes, commercial displays, etc. It's not hard to find a use for such refreshingly beautiful designs. Thanks to several Internet-based textile fabricators, people around the world can enjoy her designs. She creates custom patterns, you pick the one(s) you like, and the fabricators do the rest.

To view samples of her work, click here.

For more information, contact Ellie directly at, or visit her website at

Spacemaking Murals by Mary Coronis

Mary Coronis is a talented artist and muralist whose creative work has added life and transformed many spaces around the world. She can turn a dull room into a dreamy paradise and put smiles on any face. She paints room murals, commercial windows, canvases, backdrops, building exteriors, and exhibits. She also creates 3D sculptural murals.

Mary holds a B.F.A from the University of Houston and an M.A. from Stephen F. Austin. She is the one who created the murals for the adiaHouses in Italy. Though based in Huntsville/Houston Texas, Mary now offers shipping services to deliver canvas murals to clients around the world. For projects requiring an artist in person, she is also happy to travel.

To view samples of her creative work, click here.

For more information, contact Mary directly at, or visit

Digital Renderings & Animation - Michael Kaainoni

Often people want to see what a building will look like or experience what it will be like to walk through a space before the building is built. At Adia, we do basic renderings in-house, but send the most challenging digital work to Michael. His graphic abilities are impressive, and his combination of architectural/artistic creativity and technical savvy makes him a rare asset.

Michael holds a B.Arch from the University of Southern California and an M.Arch from Columbia University. He was the top renderer in his class at USC (among other things), and has prepared project renderings for some of the largest A&E firms in the world.

To view samples of Michael's work, click here.

For more information, contact Michael Kaainoni directly at or visit his personal website.

Construction Management - Yellowstone Builders

An honest contractor is extremely rare; a creative one is even rarer. Flexibility, creativity, quality, integrity—these are some of the reasons we choose to use Yellowstone Builders and recommend them to our clients. We've relied on them for several of our most challenging projects. They helped with the MCDhouse (which other builders said was impossible), and assisted with the prefabrication and on-site completion of the first generation adiaHouse in Italy. They are our construction managers of choice, and play a key role in keeping our clients' construction costs down and transforming creative designs into elegant realities.

Yellowstone Builders is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, but does work in several states.

For more information contact Luis C. Ospina, President, Yellowstone Builders.

Code and Construction Consultation - Jeff Cross

Architectural innovation is not always easy, especially when it comes to complying with out-of-date building codes. But we have a secret.

Jeff Cross is a City Building Inspector for Huntsville, Texas. He knows the codes, he knows advanced environmental design and building systems, and he knows how to mesh the two: to comply with codes and be creative at the same time.

Because Adia does work in diverse regions and climates, we often rely on Jeff's expertise for developing the most sustainable response for each climate. He has been involved in two of our most challenging and innovative projects.

We realize it may be difficult for many people to access his expertise personally, but we recommend his new book: You and Your New Home: Protecting Yourself from Common Mistakes. It's a quick read and a great reference manual for anyone having a home built—to make sure the home is built properly and the contractor is doing things the right way. You'd be surprised how many contractors make serious mistakes, like putting vapor barriers on the wrong side of the wall (which causes mold in the walls) or improperly running pipes and vents so that noxious air from the sewer seeps inside the house. Even just knowing the language and terms for things can make contractors take you more seriously, and improve the safety, quality, and cost of your home.

The book is available from Click here to order a copy from Amazon, or visit the author's website for more information:

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