Kibò Farm | Eco-Renovation of Farmhouse & Adaptation for Agritourism

Petralia Sottana, Sicily
Eco-Design Consultation & International Marketing | 2009 - Current
Client: Rosellina Di Salvo Briguglia,
Cost: Confidential
Size: Confidential

Kibò Farm is an independent family-owned and operated organic farm located in what has to be one of the most beautiful regions of the world. The farm produces extra-virgin organic olive oil which ranks in the top 1.9% of all Italian oil production, as well as a variety of crops throughout the year—everything the Briguglia family needs to live on. The family has lived off of the land for three generations, and enjoys welcoming people from around the world to share the natural beauty of Sicily and the secrets they’ve learned for living healthy and harmoniously with nature.

In order to accommodate visitors more comfortably and improve the energy efficiency and eco- consciousness of the farmhouse, the family has begun renovating the home in several phases. We are primarily involved in the second phase. We are also helping with international marketing. We were so impressed with the natural beauty of the site that we could not help but take many photos, and created a company website to help the family advertise their hospitality and olive oil internationally.

Phase 1

The Kibò farmhouse is a rustic building with thick stone walls, beams formed from tree trunks, and hand-laid plaster. It was designed to house the family and groups of farm workers. In addition to the farmhouse, there are several ancillary buildings for storing crops and cooking.

In order to increase the eco-friendliness and energy efficiency of the farmhouse, the farmhouse is undergoing two phases of renovation. The challenge is to preserve the originality and historic hand-made quality of the home while making modern improvements for sustainability and comfort.

As of December 2010, the first phase of renovation has been completed. Solar panels have been installed on the roof, eco-friendly insulation has been added, and the existing kitchens/bathrooms/bedrooms have been restored. The family—who believes in taking care of the earth from which they subsist—insists that everything be done naturally and responsibly.

Phase 2

The second phase will be to restore and then creatively adapt some of the ancillary buildings for use as residential quarters. There will also be further environmental measures added: a trellis protecting the south face from direct sun in the summer, solar shades for the windows, thermal heating devices and natural heat distribution systems, and possibly a water catchment system for the farmhouse.

For more information about Kibò Farm or Kibò Olive Oil, please visit

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